FAQ for iPhone SafeNet browser

Thanks for using SafeNet Browser: the leading cloud-based mobile browser. SafeNet Browser put you in control of the web content, provide a safe internet for your family.


SafeNet browser offers two browsing modes: Guardian Mode and Protected Mode

Guardian Mode is protected by 4-digits passcode, user enters into this mode has the full control of the settings, which includes:

  • Turn on/off site category filtering
  • Add/Remove sites to white-list

Note: If the 4-digits Guardian passcode is lost, you need to reinstall SafeNet Browser.

User under Protected Mode enjoy most of the features provided in SafeNet Browser, but

  • Only view the site category filtering settings.
  • Not able to add site to white-list

After you launch SafeNet browser, it is recommended to go to "Settings", Switch to "Guardian Mode". You will be asked to type in the Guardian 4-digits passcode twice. They have to be same.


You will be asked to enter the same passcode the next time you want to switch to Guardian Mode, you can make up to 3 retries. Once you have the correct passcode entered, you should see the screen as below

safenet-passcode 1

After entering into the Guardian Mode, you can switch on/off web site category filtering. We recommend you to switch back to Protected Mode after you are happy with your setup.

safenet-passcode 2