FAQ for Android Safe Browser

  • How to install Android Safe Browser?

  • Is there any video tutorial?

  • How to setup Safe Browser as the default browser?

    • If Android browser is the default browser

    1. Click menu button, select "Manage apps"
    2. Select "Browser" (which means your Android default browser)
    3. Click "Clear defaults", see picture
    4. Follow the instuction "If no default browser setting"

    • If no default browser setting

    1. Invoke the browser (Usually by hitting browser icon on status bar)
    2. you will see a choice menu
    3. Check "Use by default for this action", and then click "Safe Browser" to set default browser, see picture
  • How to setup admin or parent password?

    1. open safe browser application
    2. click the configuration button on your phone
    3. click admin icon in the configuration menu
    4. type your password, then click Ok
    5. now your are in parent or admin mode
    6. do step #1 again to configure your security policy
  • About admin mode

    • In admin mode, you can configure the categories and sites you want to block, in normal (restricted) mode, you can only browse sites allowed.

      When you visit a new category which is not in the Cloudacl WebFilter add-on database, your browser will query Cloudacl cloud service for the visiting URL which addressed in our privacy policy on our website: